About Us

Company Overview

CD133 Innovation Limited (CD133) was founded in 2019 in Hong Kong by Prof. Ken KL Yung (DPhil) and Dr. Cathy NP Lui (PhD) with the goal to translate their academic innovation into nanommaterial-based technologies.  Our patented technology advanced the CTC test into a highly precise, simple, and safe early cancer detection service, which can overcome the shortcomings of the current available liquid biopsy for cancer detection and monitoring.

CD133’s mission

We are dedicated to:

  • Develop a simple, non-invasive, precise and cost-effective early cancer detection test on CTC (Circulating Tumur Cells);
  • Monitor the risk of potential cancer development;
  • Act as valuable additional evidence for cancer diagnosis and the prediction of the type of the potential cancer;
  • Promote health care, social responsibility and quality of lives by enhancing our products and services;

Management Team

CD133 is surrounded by a patch of professionals from different areas. We are dedicated to provide high quality, precise and safe technologies for our clients.